Our Products

Most of the concrete we supply is Air-Entrained concrete.

What does this mean?

Here in Colorado concrete goes through many freezing and thawing cycles.

An admixture is added to the concrete that generates small air pockets within the concrete. When water (melting snow) penetrates into the concrete there is a small space for the water to expand into when it freezes, thus minimizing the risk of the concrete cracking from the hydraulic pressure generated by the water freezing.

This is beneficial for all applications except interior flatwork and other instances where the concrete surface is completely sealed in finishing operations. This prevents the added air from escaping through the surface as it sets/cures. When the surface is sealed such as a hard troweled interior floor, the air usually will cause “blisters” to be formed on the surface of the slab. If you are placing concrete that may be finished in such a way please let us know at the time of ordering so that the air content of the mix can be adjusted properly for your placement.

Class F fly ash sample as viewed under magnification.

Fly Ash Mixes

We occasionally receive requests for fly ash mixes. Currently, we do not produce these types of mix designs. All of the mix designs that we provide are straight portland cement mixes.

Portland Cement - Magnified
  Portland Cement sample as viewed under magnification.


Mix Designs

We have several different mix designs, as well as Flowable Fill for backfill needs. Mix designs are classified by PSI (lbs. per sq. inch.) We use 3/4″ coarse aggregate and can also provide 3/8″ pea-gravel.  All have been tested for strength and yield.

Our mix designs are as follows

3000 PSI 

3500 PSI

4000 PSI

4000 PSI (pea-gravel)

Flowable Fill

For mix designs above 4000 psi in strength, please contact our office at 303-853-0124.

Extra Products

  • Fibrous Reinforcement – Ordered by the cubic yard
  • Non-Chloride Accelerator – Order per % per cubic yard
  • Hydration Stabilizer (“Delayed Set”) – Ordered per hour per cubic yard – This admixture delays the chemical reaction that causes the Portland Cement to “Set Up” in the concrete mix.

Factors like ambient temperature, concrete temperatures, subgrade temperatures, moisture content, cement content of the mix design, time on the delivery vehicle and time on the ground all affect how the concrete sets/performs. We will be happy to discuss the varying factors that may be in effect on the day of your placement to insure the correct dosage of either the Accelerator or Stabilizer is applied to the load.

Coloring Agents

We do not stock color; however we can add color that you bring to us for the placement you have scheduled. There is a $75.00 color washout fee for each load of color delivered. Please contact us for information on the mix design you wish to add color to, and we can supply you with contact information to a source for the color.

Please understand that most color manufacturers require a 2-3 cubic yard minimum load size for them to warranty the color in your placement.

Mile Hi Mobile Concrete is NOT Responsible for the final color tone/shade. We will add the color that you provide to the load requested.