Clean up after unloading

The challenging part of the project for us is the clean up.

The customer providing a Sustainable method for cleanup is required. Our operators need to clean up their equipment when your job is complete before returning to our facility.

Any material remaining in the chutes or auger needs to be disposed of at the delivery site.

 The chutes or auger will need to be rinsed with water to prevent debris from falling off of the truck while returning.

A wheelbarrow or plastic wading pool (available at Wal-Mart for under $35.00) will be adequate for clean-up.

If the delivery vehicle has all three chutes on and they are full of concrete when your placement is complete. There will be three wheelbarrows of material leftover that the operator cannot put back into the delivery vehicle

Therefore the customer monitoring the amount of material discharged towards the end of the placement is critical. In order to minimize the amount of excess product to be disposed of. Any materials that are not discharged from the vehicle will be taken with us and disposed of properly; with no additional costs to you the customer.

If a washout is not provided

The delivery driver will clean in out in an Envirosac. It will be the customer’s responsibility to dispose of the Envirosac and a charge of $50.00 plus applicable taxes will be added to your order.